Got an idea?

The MRCF collaboration is innovation in action: We provide a path for taking medical science out of the laboratory and into the real world.

Our venture capital model is unique. We don’t simply provide investment, we create businesses, run companies and provide everything necessary to ensure our investments succeed.

If you are interested in accessing the MRCF for your investment opportunity, please contact the commercialisation office at your institute.

The benefits

An early-stage fund dedicated to supporting the development and commercialisation of early-stage medical technologies;

The investment review process follows four distinct stages:


Each Member Institute has a representative on the Investment Review Committee (IRC).


If this initial proposal is recommended to progress, a presentation by the key researchers.


If the IRC is supportive of the technology receiving investment, the opportunity is passed to the Brandon Capital Partners.


If Brandon Capital Partners approves an investment opportunity, it recommends to the Board that the investment is made.