Trainee Program

Brandon Capital Partners offers short term internships to selected candidates looking to forge a successful career in the life sciences industry.

"The internships offer candidates one-on-one learning with Brandon Capital’s investment team"

Working with more than 50 research institutes across Australia and New Zealand which are part of the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) network, interns are generally selected from MRCF members. Interns receive hands-on experience in a venture capital firm, actively working to commercialise ground-breaking research within Australasia.

The internships offer candidates one-on-one learning with Brandon Capital’s investment team, who show interns how to evaluate and identify medical research that has strong commercial potential. Interns are introduced to life sciences venture capital by working on live opportunities that Brandon Capital is evaluating for potential investment.

Through the program, interns are exposed to the commercialisation pathway and what’s necessary to translate medical research into a commercial pharmaceutical or biotech product. Depending on the opportunities at hand and their starting knowledge, interns receive introductions to topics that are important to investors including intellectual property, due diligence, and market analysis, and how that in turn affects the commercialisation process.

Interns also learn about investment decision-making, how venture capitalists make money, and how to pitch research opportunities to potential investors.

Interns are most commonly commercialisation managers, post-docs and (postgraduate) biomedical students wanting to explore the commercial life science world.