MecRx: is an early stage drug development company working on new treatments for cancer and novel mechanism of action antibiotics.

Using proprietary “hit identification” technology, MecRx is developing inhibitors of cMyc, a protein that is deregulated in over 50% of all human cancers. MecRx draws on the expertise of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and CSIRO and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

MecRx is identifying and developing small molecule drugs for highly validated but historically hard to hit targets. Using MecRx proprietary technology the company has identified hits for cMyc, KRas2B and other valuable targets.

MecRx was founded in 2013 by an ex-pharma/biotech team. MecRx is run as a virtual company based in Melbourne, Australia and its shareholders and service providers include the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute and CSIRO. The company secured $5m Series A investment from the MRCF ( and CSIRO in 2015.