Who we are

The MRCF is a unique collaboration between CSL, major Australian superannuation funds, the Australian and New Zealand governments, Australian state governments and over 40 leading medical research institutes and research hospitals.

The MRCF supports the development and commercialisation of early-stage biomedical discoveries originating from member research organisations, providing both capital and expertise to guide the successful development of new therapies.

    Technologies, expertise

    40+ Medical research institutes and hospitals

    Operational support

    ACT Government
    Queensland Government
    Victorian Government
    NSW Government Health
    Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment NZ


    Brandon Capital

    Independent Governance

    Australian Government
    Australian Super
    Host Plus
    Statewide Super


Our member institutes span across Australia and New Zealand. Here is a snapshot.

Otago Innovation Limited – Brain Health Research Centre

The Brain Health Research Centre is one of the pre‐eminent neuroscience centres in NZ. It consists of more than 40 research groups (academic & clinical), plus their research staff and students across a number of schools and campuses in the Divisions of Health Sciences and Sciences at the University of Otago. The mission of the Brain Health Research Centre (BHRC) is to support excellent, international quality research at the University of Otago, aimed at understanding the mechanisms of brain health, disease and repair, including the development of new treatments for neurological disorders.

The Future Industries

The Future Industries Institute (FII) focuses on addressing real world issues and partnering with industry and end-users. FII provides industry with a “go to” destination to work on improvements, innovations and breakthroughs.

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is an independent, internationally renowned medical research facility, with a history spanning more than 93 years. The Institute's work extends from the laboratory to wide-scale community studies with a focus on diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Government Partners

Brandon Capital Partners Pty Ltd

Brandon Captial Partners Pty Ltd manages the MRCF Collaboration, providing seed and venture capital investment to support the development and international growth of Australian and New Zealand life science companies.

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The MRCF's investors are AustralianSuper, Statewide Super, HESTA, HOSTPLUS and the Australian Government
under its IIF program.