The MRCF invests in opportunities originating from its member medical research institutes or research hospitals. Each Member Institute selects a representative for the MRCF’s Investment Review Committee (IRC), the body which provides a peer review assessment of investment proposals.

The MRCF has established a consistent and detailed process for reviewing each investment opportunity, which ensures that the due diligence activities utilise the considerable expertise across the membership base and that it is conducted in a collaborative way that ensures knowledge sharing and training.

The investment review process starts with the institute producing a non-confidential Preliminary Investment Proposal (PIP) that is evaluated by the IRC. The most promising opportunities are then passed to the professional manager of the MRCF, Brandon Capital, to complete final due diligence.

The MRCF plays an active, ‘hands on’ role, working closely with Member Institutes to identify promising opportunities.

Look below to see if your organisation is already a member. If you’re unsure of eligibility, please contact us.

Interested in becoming a member?

The MRCF invests exclusively in opportunities from its Member Institutes. If you are interested in accessing the MRCF and are associated with a Member Institute, please contact your commercialisation office for assistance.

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